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Buongiooooorno! Cercano qualcosaaaaaaaaaaa?

Buongiooooorno! Cercano qualcosaaaaaaa?


-Dico che se cercano qualcosaaaa?

-Scusate,  comeeeee?

She asked twice but not a third time just because I preferred to turn back and leave the shop a few seconds after I entered. And I entered with a lot of interest and really willing to buy something: a swimsuit, a cap, goggles, anything. ..

I am talking about the Jaked shop in Corso Italia, Rome.  A very good Italian brand for swimming clothing and accesories. And I did not turn back because I didn’t like her accent or because she looked bad to me or anything like that. Not even because they are expensive. And they are so.

I left because, in this shop, the music they were playing was extremely loud and we couldn’t even listen to each other. I wanted to enquire about some swim suits, the lady at the shop was looking after us and she was trying to offer her assistance. But we could not just hear each other. I was, then, in the shop for less than a minute, couldn’t even realize if she was also fed up of this ridiculous volume or she just didn’t care. I left because it was horrible. Uncomfortable would be an extremely generous word on this case.

But things can always go worse. Just some one hundred meters away, we found the Nike store, also in Corso Italia. Maybe they were having some kind of competition with Jaked on how to be more annoying for customers and potential customers but, for them, it was not enough to disturb their clients inside the shop. Instead, they placed a DJ at the entrance and two large speakers outside the shop, in the street. So, just in case you were thinking to enter (and possible buy something), in these moments where you doubt, outside, they were providing your ears with extremely loud music that made also impossible even to speak to your partner, just next to you.

This was in Rome but, unfortunately, it happens very often and almost everywhere. In Barcelona, where I live, you almost cannot go shopping and enjoy and relax while you do it. In most of these shops, music is always loud. Do shop managers have perverted minds and they think we are all masochistic? Are they just unhappy they have to work while you shop and this is the way they want us to be punished?

I don’t know but I am not going to enter any of these shops again, at least, until they also offer me a good gin tonic, a really cold beer or even a mojito to enjoy with the music.



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